Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Star Dose & Admire Couture

We are officially sponsered by TSD, one of Stardoll's best blogs, ever. I'm really excited and would like to thank maggie (the owner of TSD) for this wonderful oportunity.
Don't forget to follow TSD, click here to check out the blog, you won't regret it! It has great comps and posts everyday, with stardoll related news!

We are also in partnership with Admire Couture, meaning that the winner of this cycle will be a graphic designer for it! It's a great Couture line with I am the face of. Click here to check the Couture fashion line and follow!

The logo that directs you to the fabulous blog and Couture fashion line are on our sidebar. Enjoy!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Let the war begin...

Hello, and welcome to Banner Wars cycle 2! This cycle some things have changed, we have:

- New Judges
- New Layout
- New Banner
- New Competitors
- New Tasks

As you can see, we've stepped it up a notch. We're ready for this to begin, so... are you??
*All the competitors that signed up have been accepted and they will start  immediately.
 First of all, let's talk about all the new things!
We have new judges, which are: Yasmin (yazzieblue) and Lana (forevergorgeous) both of which are AMAZING graphic designers, and we're really lucky to have them here!
As you can see, we have a new banner,which was made by yours truly, with the help of Ciaraleanne, which  made her hair (she's the blonde) and I got the shape of my body (on the right) from Alice. And right now, the competition beings.


This is your first task, and a few will be eliminated, so try to do your best to be on top.
You will be asked to make a graphic, related to Christmas, since we are in the holiday season. The graphic can be anything you want, but remember, related to Christmas. It's up to you, and your creativity. We wish you luck!

The due date of this challenge will be:  The 24th, Christmas Eve.
Good luck!

Ps. If in need of any help, Alice (hunnigall) has made a tutorial on shading and might work for you, if you haven't seen it yet, go to this blog and you can use that techinique.

If you have any questions contact me (conii987) or Ciara (ciaraleanne)


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Please apply.

As you can see only 8 people have applied, but we need much more, around 20 participants.
We have 68 followers, and I'm sure there are great graphic designers in those 68, or maybe even people that arent following. So please enter this ggreat competition.

Remember the prizes are:
- 200 sd
- A chance to be judge in the next season
- Getting to be stardoll's top graphic designer
- And maybe even more great prizes....

Make sure to leave your entry in the bottom post.
So enter now!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Applications >:D

Well, the title says it all: "Applications >:D" Cool, right?

Well, this season will be just like last season, but with all new tasks, and maybe a few surprises... :O You never know :D Prize, will be 200 sd and a chance to be judge for next season.

Here are the applications:

Graphics Blog:
Best and most recent samples:

We will be pickng 20-25, and in the first last we will eliminate 10-15.
If you are going to sgn up, that means you have to do the entries on time, I;m saying this because last season there were loads of contestants, that signed up, and did nothing. Don't be one of those people, because another person culd be wanting your place.

Thank youuuu!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Banner Wars Winner

Hello everybody, I'm so excited right now, since it's time to announce the winner! Everyone in this season did great, but only one is the winner.

This task, was to make a magazine cover, the task was made by Daisy-croatia and Lizs.
Here are the graphics:

The graphic was overall good, but we didnt like the hair, or background, the hair because it we didn't like the shading, and the background because it could have been more "FUN".


We loved, pretty much EVERYTHING! Except one thing, the models (Findurlove and Egle) Thought they looked a bit fat. But overall great!
And the winner is..........................(Drum roll, please)............................ LIZS!!!!!!!!
CONGRATS, Laura you did a great job, and have lots of talent, you are now Stardoll's Top graphic designer!
Daisy-croatia, we're very sorry, but we know that you can do better, and that you are a great graphics designer, so keep on practicing!
200 SD and a chance to be judge next season!!!!
The applications will be up soon, so keep your eyes on this blog!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Next round... The Finale!

Hey girls!
Congrats on being in the finale! (:
You deserve it.

This time, you have to make a Magazine Cover!
You can give it a creative name, or choose a name of a real magazine if you wish.

The Covergirls are:
Maggie (Findurlove) & Egle (Vampire_)

They are judges so make sure you do a good job with their medolls :D

-You can choose your own amazing theme. Think about how you can fit 2 models into this theme to suit it. (:
- Creative poses are a bonus ;D
- Nice lettering/font.
- Magazine Name (More creative the better).
- Interesting layout.
- Of course... good fashionable designer clothing :D

No inspiration pictures this time!
You really don't need them :D
So good luck girls!

You have till the 1st September!



Time for the eliminations again, and it seems I always have to do it D: ( Right, cici?! :D )

Just to let you all know, Sinbabee has not logged on to Stardoll, therefore, she was not given us the entry.

Here are the graphics:

This was our favourite, we loved everything and great job Laura :P! This is the banner that will be the header of my blog, and I'm very happy with it!

Sinead, the medoll looked very good, but we did't like the background and font.

Danka, the graphic was good overall, but you didn't make the clothes, you just blurred it.
And the eliminated for this task is.............. SD_IS_DA_BEST, we're very sorry but it was the one we least liked. Thanks, adn stay tuned.