Friday, 17 December 2010

Let the war begin...

Hello, and welcome to Banner Wars cycle 2! This cycle some things have changed, we have:

- New Judges
- New Layout
- New Banner
- New Competitors
- New Tasks

As you can see, we've stepped it up a notch. We're ready for this to begin, so... are you??
*All the competitors that signed up have been accepted and they will start  immediately.
 First of all, let's talk about all the new things!
We have new judges, which are: Yasmin (yazzieblue) and Lana (forevergorgeous) both of which are AMAZING graphic designers, and we're really lucky to have them here!
As you can see, we have a new banner,which was made by yours truly, with the help of Ciaraleanne, which  made her hair (she's the blonde) and I got the shape of my body (on the right) from Alice. And right now, the competition beings.


This is your first task, and a few will be eliminated, so try to do your best to be on top.
You will be asked to make a graphic, related to Christmas, since we are in the holiday season. The graphic can be anything you want, but remember, related to Christmas. It's up to you, and your creativity. We wish you luck!

The due date of this challenge will be:  The 24th, Christmas Eve.
Good luck!

Ps. If in need of any help, Alice (hunnigall) has made a tutorial on shading and might work for you, if you haven't seen it yet, go to this blog and you can use that techinique.

If you have any questions contact me (conii987) or Ciara (ciaraleanne)



  1. Awesome, I'm nearly done mine I need to do the shading though!

  2. Send them to me or Ciara when your done, girls :D

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  4. Aw, thanks for the mention, guys, if you ever need help just give me a call ;)
    I would like to mention that the arms on the right girl (on the banner) look alot like that of the "Future Fashion" graphic from Fierce... I dunno if you asked to use it or not, please can you contact me about it? Thanks :)

  5. Oh the arms, I used the pose :S I can credit it if you want, but I did the shading all by myself >:) I tried to make everything look like yours as much as possible :P Using your tutorial of course :D I can mention I used only the pose, if you want :D

  6. Sure :)
    I just wanted to know, 'tis all ;)

  7. Hi I Just looked at your blog since over like a month or two... I've been busy a lot... but I will try and pull together a graphic...
    Oh and do I just send you a url to like a photobucket/tinypic of the graphic?

  8. When will the first task be posted?

  9. Hmm idk not many contestants gave in their graphic so Ill wait a bit more, and Ill post or maybe cancel it :S Sorry
    I will try my best to continue the comp though xx

  10. Oh ok!! Thanks! I'll keep checking... :) <3