Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Please apply.

As you can see only 8 people have applied, but we need much more, around 20 participants.
We have 68 followers, and I'm sure there are great graphic designers in those 68, or maybe even people that arent following. So please enter this ggreat competition.

Remember the prizes are:
- 200 sd
- A chance to be judge in the next season
- Getting to be stardoll's top graphic designer
- And maybe even more great prizes....

Make sure to leave your entry in the bottom post.
So enter now!


  1. Stardoll Name: KCarmae
    Blogger name: KCarmae

    I think it would be so grreat if I get in and and compete because graphic designing is the only thing that keeps me wanting to continue playing stardoll.

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  3. When can we start the competition? We now have 16 people

  4. Name: Sarah
    Username: TaylorRich
    Age: 14
    Graphics Blog: [Just Opened - New]
    Best and most recent samples:

    I still have time for the first task :)
    but where should i give it to you ?