Thursday, 26 August 2010


Time for the eliminations again, and it seems I always have to do it D: ( Right, cici?! :D )

Just to let you all know, Sinbabee has not logged on to Stardoll, therefore, she was not given us the entry.

Here are the graphics:

This was our favourite, we loved everything and great job Laura :P! This is the banner that will be the header of my blog, and I'm very happy with it!

Sinead, the medoll looked very good, but we did't like the background and font.

Danka, the graphic was good overall, but you didn't make the clothes, you just blurred it.
And the eliminated for this task is.............. SD_IS_DA_BEST, we're very sorry but it was the one we least liked. Thanks, adn stay tuned.


  1. ;O It was your banner Conii :D I thought it would be best if you judged.

  2. Oh well thanks for letting me get this far :) I've made stuff I never thought I could possibly make and had a great time

  3. No, I've drawn the clothes and when I drew it I blurred it a little.