Thursday, 26 August 2010

Next round... The Finale!

Hey girls!
Congrats on being in the finale! (:
You deserve it.

This time, you have to make a Magazine Cover!
You can give it a creative name, or choose a name of a real magazine if you wish.

The Covergirls are:
Maggie (Findurlove) & Egle (Vampire_)

They are judges so make sure you do a good job with their medolls :D

-You can choose your own amazing theme. Think about how you can fit 2 models into this theme to suit it. (:
- Creative poses are a bonus ;D
- Nice lettering/font.
- Magazine Name (More creative the better).
- Interesting layout.
- Of course... good fashionable designer clothing :D

No inspiration pictures this time!
You really don't need them :D
So good luck girls!

You have till the 1st September!