Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Hey & Round 2 Results (:

Hey everyone, (:
I'm the new co-owner for Banner Wars.
My name on stardoll is Ciaraleanne ;P

Anyway, on to the results!
& i'll leave some tips (:

1. Lizs
This was our favourite out of all the advertisements (:
It's truly amazing, I love how you kept a simple background and let the bag stand out.
The model looks gorgeous, and I love how you added beads sort of twisting around her. Truly Original. Well done! ;D
Ps. Maybe you could try working on the foot shape? Everything else was amazing, I just happened to notice the foot looked a bit out of shape.

2. Daisy-Croatia
This was also great! You very nicely re-created the dress & the pose. (: Good job!
Ps. You should try shading the skin a bit more, it would make it look so much better. x

3. RihannyX
Loving how you tried to re create the background & the eye makeup!
Good job on the hair & most importantly the bag, Overall very good!
Ps. Good job with the pose, but try shading the creases in the arms a bit more & the hands look slightly awkward.

4. sd_is_da_best

I actually love this one! Probably because its so colourful :D I lovee the eye makeup, pose and hair. And the bag still stands out against the electric blue dress (: Great!
Ps. The only think I would say is to work on the shape of the dress (: Looks a tiny bit stiff. But overall great job.

5. sinbabee

I love how simple this looks ;O The bag is great, I love the hair too!
Ps. The leg looks a bit awkward but its fine, and maybe you could have used some other colours than purple? (:
Great job !

Hopefully, all the above will be happy to know you made it to round 3 ;D
Because 4 people have not made their entries :(
You have all been eliminated, Sadly cause I would have loved to have seen what you all came up with.

Round 3 will be up soon!
Thank you to those who did the task.



  1. Of course, the first one was the best! I love it, good job!(:

  2. Woot woot!! My sinead made it @ number 4 woooohoo!!

  3. Yay!! I'm through :DDDD
    Lovin number 1 by Lizs

  4. Yaaaaay! :)
    I love Lizs's too :D