Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Round Three! (:

Hey hey (:
Okay, so Chloe, (Toxxic.Angel) gets another chance to do this task, since she gave in an unfinished graphic. But from now on, all entries MUST be handed in on time to be included in the next round.

So, onto the next round!

Round 3: Barbie photoshoot

Yes... we all know barbie right? :D
Brainless beauty? Fashionable? who has everthing she wants? Yup.

This round you have to make a photoshoot inspired by barbie.

Model to be used: Ciaraleanne (Me lol)

Here are tips to help:
-Barbie's known as a blonde.
-Pink, is a huge colour in her plastic wardrobe :D
-Girly, so think dresses.
-Make any background you want. (Beach, Shop, Room, Salon, Wardrobe, Big house, anything you find best for you.)
-Accessories! Bracelets, necklace, shoes, handbags/clutches, etc.
-Flawless Makeup (:

I've given a few images for you to look at for 'inspiration' :D
You don't even need to use any of these, you can just do whatever you want, once it's barbie-like!

Oh and be unique!
No copying other contestants ;D

Good luck, Have fun!

(This task was my idea so you can kill me if you hate barbie xD but I think it will be fun!)

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  1. I think it's going to be fun to.
    But can you tell us the deadline?