Saturday, 24 July 2010

Round two.

Hello everyone! Myself and the judges were all impressed at so many of the graphics made last task, and now we've upped the game this task into making an advertisement for a Prada purse. Here is the purse we would like you to re-create:

For this task, you have the option to either re create the advert exactly, obviously stardoll-y-ificied though, or create your own advert advertising the purse. The model for this is myself (fifibannana), once again it is obligatory to make your own hair, the make up is up to you if you wan to re-create the makeup the model in the advert is wearing, or make your own suited to the purse itself.
1. Don't copy anyone else.
2. Be creative and original.
3. MUST have that exact purse in the graphic
4. Have fun.

When you've finished your graphics, mail to either me, fifibannana, or Conii, conii987 and we will announce the people who've made it to the nezt round at a later date.
Happy banner making everyone! :) You have until the 4th of August.

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