Monday, 5 July 2010

First Challenge.

Hi everyone!

Well, I was hoping to start this challenge with a new banner, but I still dont have one, I'm actually waiting for dondence_bt to make, which he said he would :D

Ok onto the FIRST CHALLENGE!!!!

In this first challenge 10-15 people will be elimanted, as you possibly know.

It consists in, making a Balmain dress.

This one to be exact. :D (Hope you like it)
The model is me, Conii987.

Hair: It is obligatory to make your own hair.
Make-up: It is obligatory to make your own make-up.
Background: Making a background is optional but it would be much better if you do, because the judges will see your capabilities. If you make a background it has to be a runway.

1. Don't copy anyone else.
2. Be creative and original.
3. Make your own dress!
4. Have fun.

To send your graphic, mail it to me via stardoll mail, (Conii987).
The date of the entry will be the 15th of July 2010! If you don't send me your graphic, you will be automatically eliminated.

If you have ANY questions, send them to me in gb or mail, thanks!

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